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We offer local oven re­pair ser­vi­ce in Irvine and all of Orange County, CA

The oven is the main focus of your kitchen. Without that, your kitchen would not stand out.

However, no matter how you try to maintain your oven, it will eventually require professional maintenance.

Our oven repair technicians at Unlimited Appliance Service is one of them, which is located in Orange County and Irvine, CA.

An oven has an average lifespan of 15 years if properly used. That does not mean that problems would not occur during those years. When this happens, you'll need a dependable oven repair service in Orange County, CA.

Unlimited Appliance Repair Service fix ovens in Irvine and Orange County

Why should you choose Unlimited Appliance Service, located in Orange County and Irvine?

Unlimited Appliance Service works on a variety of different brands and models. Throughout our years of service, we have also encountered a number of issues with ovens. Therefore, whatever the problem might be, we are confident that we can fix it.

Common issues we run into when repairing electrical wall ovens:

  • Your electrical oven won’t heat up properly. Your oven won’t heat up. If your oven stops heating up, the heating element is probably broken. Also, it can indicate a lack of proper voltage coming into the oven from the circuit breaker.
  • The oven doesn’t reach the proper temperature—the element won’t heat up at all, which is a typical problem with electric ovens. This may be due to a broken main circuit board or a safety thermostat. However, there’s a chance that there’s another factor at play.
  • The control light  on the electric oven are dark. These could result from a number of things, including a damaged control thermostat. When this happens, broken parts need to be replaced.

Calling a qualified professional for a diagnosis is always recommended for the best repair option.

The gas oven is the most widely used cooking appliance. They typically cook faster and better than their electric stoves. Regardless of how good they are, gas oven owners deal with a number of common problems.

Your gas oven wont heat up properly:

  • Could be damage to the thermostat or its capillary tube.
  • The electric ignition could fail unexpectedly.
  • The channel burners may become clogged and need to be cleaned.
  • The ignition module can fail.
  • Safety gas valve can fail.
  • Gas pressure regulator can malfunction.
  • Gas lines can be broken 

We service all major brand names of gas and electric ovens, like Kenmore, Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Maytag, Bosch, Frigidaire, Roper, Samsung, GE, LG, Admiral, Viking, Jenn-air, Magic Chef in Irvine and Orange County, CA. No matter how complicated the repair, we also handle it.

Just keep in mind that only trained professionals should handle those kind of repairs and maintenance. That’s because it requires particular know-how to do the repairs properly. Don't attempt to make the repairs yourself.

If you need a professional assistance with fixing your oven feel free to call Unlimited Appliance Services at 949-504-3317. You can also use the form provided on our Contact Page. We accept Cash, Checks, and Mobile Banking/Transfers for our payment methods.

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